Oakley Prizm Performance Lab, Mammoth Mountain | June 2016

I led the creation, planning and production of the Oakley Prizm Performance Lab @ Mammoth, a two-day press trip created to teach media and influencers about Prizm technology and put the lenses to the ultimate test. We invited 23 guests, including sport and lifestyle media from the U.S., France and Italy, and influencers from the sport and fitness worlds, to the experience. They were placed into two teams, competed in three different sports (options included mountain biking, road cycling, trail running, golf, fishing, outdoor circuit training), and were led by two Oakley athletes who were Team Captains. 

We created a massive dome structure on-mountain that housed the Prizm Lab and a custom locker room where they were given Oakley Prizm eyewear and training apparel for each of their sports. They were taken through the science and field testing of the technology and lenses by members of the R+D team, before heading out to compete in their sports. 

A content concierge was established to edit drone footage, photo and video into custom content for their social feeds. The press were also able to work with the two editors to create additional content by request. In 24 hours there were 201 social posts in the U.S. and Europe with a reach of 2.6 million. We have secured 11 articles so far with a reach of 15+ million impressions. One editor called the Oakley Prizm Performance Lab "the press trip of the future."

Oakley Radar Pace Performance Experience, Kona, Hawaii | October 2016

We invited 12 media and influencers on a press trip to Kona, Hawaii, to test out Radar Pace, our new smart eyewear that features a voice-activated, real-time coaching system. It was held during the Ironman World Championships. 

The guests were paired with their Radar Pace unit and could choose either a road cycling or road running experience, alongside our Global Radar Pace Ambassador and 3-time Ironman World Champion, Craig Alexander. Not only were they were given VIP access to the Ironman competition, they also swam with manta rays and were given a world-class swimming tutorial by Craig.